BBA Programme Structure Presentation for Future Students

Hong Kong Baptist University invites ambitious students from all around the world to learn about its BBA Programme Structure which combines essential business disciplines with general education and business activities that prepare them for challenges and success in depth. In order to complete the programme, students must gain a total of 128 units divided into different courses.

BBA Programme Structure aims to equip students with fundamental knowledge and abilities mandatory for progressive business management. Students can select their area of specialization upon the application and experienced educators will help them understand it in depth while preparing them for a competitive market with numerous challenges. BBA Programme Structure teaches students verbal and written communication skills, as well as technology abilities of high value for the business environment. Throughout the programme, students will develop analytical and critical thinking, which will enable them to solve complex business problems and bring innovative solutions to real-world problems.

Future students can attend a popular HKBU BBA Non-JUPAS available for local and non-local applicants. The University utilizes a holistic approach in the selection of applicants for interviews utilizing a case-by-case methodology. To apply for HKBU BBA Non-JUPAS, students can choose a category that reflects their qualification status, such as Higher Diploma (HD) Final Year Students/Holders, AD/HD Non-final Year Students, Degree Holders, Transfer Students, International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Students/ Holders, General Certificate Education (GCE) Applicants, SAT Applicants, Mature Applicants, Others.

It is extremely important to fill out the HKBU BBA Non Jupas application form correctly in order to be considered. For more information and inquiries, students can contact the HKBU office and receive further assistance.