Digital Humanities in Hong Kong

The faculty of Digital Humanities in Hong Kong provides high-level education for students interested in obtaining strong digital literacy skills and a digitally enriched curriculum. Through a range of courses, students can build a solid foundation in linguistics and digital literacy, as well as the English language. The hands-on experience helps them learn how to use language applications and advanced digital tools that are extremely effective in all existing industries.

After completing the programs, students of Digital Humanities will demonstrate superior English proficiency and they will utilize the newest linguistics methodologies for in-depth analysis and use of English in different areas. Apart from understanding and knowing how to use the existing digital content, students will also be able to develop their own contents that they can utilize in multicultural and multilingual settings.

Digital tools that students will learn how to use at Digital Humanities can help them with all types of digital communications. They will improve their problem-solving and critical thinking skills that are applicable in personal and professional areas. With those skills, students can contribute to the technological improvement of media, education, and publishing.

Ultimately, Digital Humanities students will exercise the ethical dimension of implicit awareness which is of crucial importance in the digital age. Carefully designed programs teach students fundamental skills that improve their opportunities in the business world as they can adapt to different industries and they can show their full potential with no restrictions. EdUHK continues to positively influence youth in Hong Kong and the representatives of the faculty invite all aspiring students to not miss an opportunity to join progressive groups of talents.