Does Mental Health Service Get Enough Attention in Hong Kong?

KELY Support Group provides premium mental health service in Hong Kong, created for young people between the ages of 14 and 24. These age groups are especially vulnerable when it comes to mental health. They face important challenges that determine their future. Without proper assistance, young people could miss out on great opportunities to use their maximum potential personally and professionally.

Although parents want the best for their children, they don’t always know how to help them; sometimes, they don’t even know that their kids need help because they seem to be doing well in school and they are not troublemakers. However, no matter how well a teen seems to be, the challenges that youngsters face daily need special mental health service in order to ensure everything truly is going in the right direction. 

KELY helps students manage emotions and stress. It teaches them how to be tolerant, and confident and assists them in following their personal and academic dreams. A team of professionals focuses on unique features, as well as weak and strong points of each participant of the mental health service. Afterward, experts use all the findings to help students individually.

With the influence of social media, fast lifestyle and easy access to alcohol and drugs, the mental health of young people deserves more attention than it currently gets. By collaborating with educational institutions, the KELY Support group has made amazing results that positively affected the lives of several generations. The organization continues to provide an excellent service that aims to help even more participants on their challenging journeys.