Youth Mental Health Service Works for the Future of Young People

Dealing with stress is not easy for anyone but it is especially difficult for people between the ages of 14 and 24. The pressure of society, new experiences, and expectations are often overwhelming. Youth Mental Health Service requires more attention than it received in the past. In Hong Kong, a non-profit organization KELY Support Group has been making a difference since 1991.

KELY Support Group provides an effective Youth Mental Health Service that assists young people in various critical areas. It helps them understand emotions, manage stress, and generally take care of their wellbeing. It is a stressful phase for adolescents. Although parents have good intentions, they don’t always know how to help their kids properly. That is when KELY steps in. A team of professionals knows what teenagers need and works consistently.

The preventative approach of the KELY Support Group includes different activities and workshops. The goal is to make young people understand the potential and existing issues, approach the mental health topic constructively, and stay engaged throughout the program. The activities are designed carefully to interest young people and make them want to learn more about mental health.

KELY Support Group collaborates with prestigious educational institutions in Hong Kong. This organization works on the expansion of the Youth Mental Health Service and hopes to have more communities join the movement. Taking care of youth means taking care of the future. All the communities that are interested in joining forces with KELY can contact the representatives of the organization and make a positive change in Hong Kong.