Endovascular Treatment for Critical Patients in Hong Kong

Esteem Surgical clinic has been offering innovative treatments since 2008. One of the most requested services is an endovascular treatment that removes life-threatening risks affecting a large group of patients in Hong Kong. With superior equipment that meets the highest standards of the medical industry and a team of specialists with an outstanding reputation, this medical center gained the trust of clients in the region that consider it the first option to solve critical health problems.

Endovascular treatment is a minimally invasive procedure recommended for peripheral arterial disease, known as PAD, and several well-known diseases that require an urgent reaction. At the Esteem Surgical clinic, patients receive end-to-end treatment. Before suggesting an adequate service, specialists run several tests to collect all the necessary information about the patient’s health condition. Using advanced technologies and equipment, doctors can analyze all the weaknesses of the patient, which helps them determine further healing plans.

In the case of endovascular treatment, the most affected candidates are those with a thoracic aneurysm that is not ruptured, as well as those with an aneurysm of 5 centimeters or larger. After the consultation, specialists will know exactly how to solve the problem of the patient and they will explain the entire procedure.

Frequently, endovascular treatment is mandatory after the patient has suffered a stroke or it is at risk of experiencing it. Using microcatheters, surgeons insert the tube into the blood knot from the arm or the groin to remove the blockage. This treatment saved the lives of many Esteem Surgical Clinic patients, which motivates the founders to continue developing it and making a difference in Hong Kong’s healthcare system.