Virtual Career Fair Platform for Communities of All Sizes

U.C. NOW is a virtual career fair platform that became one of the main communication tools for communities in Hong Kong that needed compact software to complete their digital communication necessities. This platform had an enormous breakthrough in 2020 during the Coronavirus quarantine time and its popularity has been growing ever since.

Although the need for a virtual career fair platform was most emphasized when the social distancing rules were strict, this software managed to impress its users to the point of integrating UC. NOW into their regular programs even after the restrictions were lifted. Now, a long list of prestigious institutions and companies use UC. NOW regularly for all types of virtual interactions. From international meetings, webinars, and virtual events to online lessons and interviews; the comprehensive services of UC. NOW allows members to take grand benefits of this solid platform that continuously improves its offer and upgrades virtual communication.

Apart from being a virtual career fair platform that hosts members and enables strong connections, UC. NOW features a revolutionary InfoHub. It is a working space used for file exchange, material and application submission, and a range of other possibilities. It is an easy way to stay up-to-date with the latest events, and updates and keep groups connected at all times. Thanks to InfoHub, people that cannot attend a meeting or a lesson won’t miss out on the content. Administrators upload all the used materials so other members that could not attend the event can receive all the information they missed; at the same time, members that attended the event can revise and improve the efficiency of the meeting.